Phone Grip & Stand

This is why you love me

Jalaka Solo Walnut
  • GRIP

    Feel the most secure way to handle your precious phone and never drop it again.


    Portrait or landscape, you choose, I'm always stable.

  • HANG

    Place your phone hanging from the hook on the wall or where-ever needed.


    I'll always surprise you by helping you out in unexpected situations.

Piece of nature in your pocket

What is Jalaka all about?

Portrait stand

Most of the stuff on your phone is in portrait layout. Now there is a proper stand to view that content in the best way possible

Adjust the angle the way you like with Jalaka.

Turn on the wide view

Enjoy your videos with full width with Jalaka

Get a good grip

Never drop your phone again and use your phone with just one hand with our secure grip.

Let there be light

Focus light where you need it. You already have the flashlight in your pocket!

Hang on

There are a lot of unexpected situations in which to use Jalaka. Remember us when the time comes

Our values


Environment and nature are important for us. We only use materials that are durable and long lasting.


We want to make products that really add value to its user and are fun to use.


We demand high quality of all our creations. Our goal is to create products that lasts longer than your phone.

  • Who we are

    Meet Jani & Juho. Brothers from another mother. One from Oulu, one from Joensuu.

    After working together many years we decided to create our own business. "Be your own boss, work hard and have fun!"

  • What do we do

    We design and manufacture  the most bestest mobile gadgets in the known universe.

  • Where we do it

    We have our own workshop in Lahti, Finland. This is our second home where we design and manufacture Jalaka products - and having  fun every once in a while.