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Who we are

Jalaka Ltd. is a group of four guys who are just starting up the business. Our products are proudly designed in Finland by our skillful team with decades of experience from product design. We offer innovative and high quality mobile accessories that are designed with passion.

We focus on functionality, durability and green design in our products. Our vision is to offer the best mobile accessories for demanding people.

Why mobile accessories?

Smartphones have taken the place to be in our lives in every situation. They are present when we want to capture the best moments of our lives and share them to our friends. They are bottomless source of information available everywhere. They are filling the bored moments by offering opportunity to watch catvideos. Awesome gadgets - but the physical user interface has left behind from technical development.

Maybe you have tried to take a groupie but everyone didn't fit into the picture because the phone was too close. Or maybe you have tried to support your phone with random stuff just to watch youtube video while eating? Or tried to navigate somewhere with your phone on the car seat because there was no mount for it in the car?

We want to offer accessories that really improves the usability of  the device - just to make your life a bit more convenient in every situation.



If you want to make a story about us, please contact info@jalaka.com